Deforestation Damage in the Chocó Rainforest
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This slide show contains images of deforestation and damage to the habitat from various destructive forces that are happening frequently in the Chocó region. This includes logging, clear cutting for cattle or agriculture, African Palm Oil Plantations, and various types of strip mining for resources such as gold and copper.

These photos were taken from the roadsides while traveling for approximately just 20 kilometers on my way to the community of Selve Alegre. Some of the mining photos were taken from a boat traveling up the Rio Santiago before arriving to Playa de Oro. The amount of deforestation in such a relatively short distance is staggering.

The Touch The Jungle project is working hard to provide communities with sustainable alternatives so they do not have to destroy their forests to survive. We focus our strongest efforts on the communities that are committed to preserving their forests. It is our hope that with our projects in place, this will help empower community leaders to maintain their stand against the increasing pressures from the Timber and Mining companies.

Tracy Wilson,
TTJ Project Director

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